about pilcrow

The current publishing landscape is saturated with books, all vying for readers' attention. Imagine your new book cover—lovingly crafted by Pilcrow—breaking through the noise.

Pilcrow is a vibrant graphic design studio based in sunny Queensland, Australia. Since 2014, we've been making waves in the publishing industry by creating professional, stylish, captivating, fun, and unique graphics, leaving our mark on the covers of countless books.

Armed with years of experience in the world of design and marketing, we understand what it takes to captivate readers' hearts. We keep our knowledge current and know the secret to making your work stand out in a sea of competing voices.

We specialise in book cover design across multiple genres, aimed at resonating with readers and enticing them to explore the depths of your story. We also excel in logo and brand design, ensuring that your identity is as unforgettable as your stories.

Our clientele is diverse, ranging from emerging independently published writers to best-selling and traditionally published authors. We’ve also collaborated with publishing powerhouses like Audible, Tantor, and Dreamscape.

Design with Pilcrow and embark on a creative journey capturing the essence of your story. We'll create graphics that not only command attention, but leave an indelible mark on the world of publishing.

No project is too big or too small, so whether you're an established organization or a passionate start-up, we're here to bring your vision to life.

Pilcrow is an AI-free zone.
We rely on sheer artistic talent and the Adobe suite of applications.
We will always do our best to avoid using AI generated images in your designs. Sometimes AI generated images are difficult to identify, and aren't flagged correctly on stock image websites.